Most Frequently Asked Questions About Impact Shopping
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1. What is Impact Shopping?

Impact shopping is buying items before they are made with zero percent chance of new, unsold items being sent to landfills. Supporting Impact Shopping means we are ending the practice of producing 30% more than is ever sold.
Your actions are being REWARDED! The impact that we make collectively – as consumers and brands – is measured, scored, and recorded as a reduction in carbon footprint on the blockchain to avert greenwashing.
2. Has this ever been done before?

Yes and No. Individually, yes. There have been several brands that are 100% made-to-order throughout history. Collectively, no. There has never been a platform for brands to collectively offer this model at scale. And scale is the only way to make an impact on problems this large and widespread.
3. How do returns work?

With our Zero Waste pledge, we will resell, repurpose, repair, or upcycle all returns. But first, to minimize shipping, we’ll partner with you to find a local, easy alternative to shipping it back.
4. Why is it called Impact Shopping?

Today, we are only offering this type of shopping for sustainable fashion and accessory brands. This gives brands a fast thumbs up or down on producing these items. In the future, you’ll see many of these happening in many places from a broad range of brands. All with one goal in mind… switching from impulse shopping to impact shopping.
5. How does the Impact Score work?

Every time you buy your new clothes via Impact Shopping™ - on our or any other brand's website where you see our logo - you avert unnecessary waste and emissions. We calculate your Impact Score based on measured reduction in carbon footprint from averted emissions, and distribute it to you at the end of each campaign. So with each purchase, your score goes up - no matter if your order is approved for production or not. Because each time your shop via Impact Shopping™ - you are a part of the zero-waste solution.