It's official! No more burning clothes!
Create impact by doing what you love, Shopping.
It's new, it's simple, and it makes a difference.
...because sustainability is fashionable
Why would we invite you to shop more? For conscientious consumers this would be counter-intuitive, right? We are usually reminded to recycle, repurpose, refurbish and look in our own closets.
But are these our only options? What would happen if nothing truly new was bought? It would be endless thrifting, recycling, upcycling and repurposing, right? If we stop buying new fashion, creators would simply stop making it. But fashion is not merely about material goods. It is the fullness and freedom of our expression of ourselves, it is our means of communication with the world about who we are. We cannot simply give up on it.
We have
developed a new
way of shopping
and creating new
Let’s unite in fighting our common enemies – over-consumption and over-production. Let’s collectively address and rectify the sad fact that as much as 30% of all fashion remains unsold after it it produced, and is dumped straight into the landfill. These are things that are produced, shipped, stocked in stores, all never to be worn or used by anyone.
We are a team of idealists and we invite you to change your shopping habits – from impulse to #Impact – by focusing on preempting waste of unsold goods and saving natural resources. WE ASK YOU TO HELP US STOP THE DUMPING OF NEW CLOTHES!
Fast Fashion burns new unsold clothes. We can stop this together. Join the movement and spread the word!
The More
You Shop,
The Less
They Waste
Meet the creators of Impact Shopping: Sangrove, the minds and technology behind the scenes that get to the root of overproduction. Eco-Stylist, a curator of a community of sustainable brands. With the marketing support of Good On You, the world's leading source for sustainable fashion and a community of over 1M+ conscious consumers, backed by Emma Watson.
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