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Let's stop the madness of dumping or burning new, unsold clothes
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We are inviting you to change your shopping habits, focusing on pre-empting waste of unsold goods and saving nature.
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How It Works


Shop with Zero Waste

All products on the platform are made-to-order. Which is the most sustainable way to shop today. This means you get first dibs on the newest creations by the best brands for the planet!


You are in Control

The idea is simple: if we shop collectively BEFORE fashion is made, we can push brands to produce ONLY goods that we want, and weed out those that we don’t.


Your Actions are Being REWARDED

In the end, the impact that we make collectively – as consumers and brands – is measured as a reduction in carbon footprint and recorded on the blockchain to avert greenwashing.

Start Now

Impact Shopping is the only way where the more you shop, the less they waste.
So, what are waiting for? There is shopping to be done so we can save the planet!

Impact Shopping

Just by shopping in a new way you can change the world. Help us give mother nature a better future.